Jet Hot – No New Kinda Story (Starflyer 59 Cover)

It was bound to happen! Punk rock cover of “No New Kinda Story” by Jet Hot!

Punk rock music from the western hills of North Carolina. The bass player and drummer met at christian book store trying to recommend SF59 to each other…20 years later, we still have the same passion. Guitars: Jeremiah Blevins, Bass/Vocals: Preston Hensley, Drums: Ryan Morris.

This cover opens the Side B of 2018 compilation album “All My Fans Who Play Guitar”.

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The Victoria Line – Just Try (Starflyer 59 Cover)

Here to kickoff SongOfTheWeek! A cover of “Just Try”, by The Victoria Line! This is a song off of the 2008 covers release album “Translations”. Thank you, for such a nice cover!

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FYR FYTR – Your Company (Starflyer 59 Cover)

I was probably 8 years old when I first heard Starflyer 59…maybe younger. All I know is that I was hooked. From that point on, every song and album I was introduced to over the years became a part of my own narrative, and had a unique place in my own story. Years would go by, and I would hear something on a compilation that struck me to the core. No surprise, it would always be Starflyer 59. As a music lover, I adored the tones, the mood and the straight forward, confessional narrative in Jason’s writing that made the songs feel so approachable for me. In my opinion, Starflyer 59 is music for the everyman.

When I moved to Portland in 2005, someone gave me a signed, sealed vinyl copy of LEAVE HERE A STRANGER. I put it up on a shelf and it was the first thing I saw whenever I walked into a room. I just admired it with no idea what was written in the wax. It was two years before I had a turntable to play it on. I will never forget the first moment of releasing the needle into the groove. I was greeted by the sound of another record playing as “All My Friends Who Play Guitar” began to ring out. It was like a world within a world. I’ve been going back to that world ever since.

Now I’m introducing my son to the world of Starflyer 59. Call me sentimental, but I consider it part of his musical heritage.

Chris “Grizz” Miller

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