“SF59 Covers” – Launch of Service!

Through this website and our social media accounts, we will feature Starflyer 59 songs covered by you and various other independent artists. Free, of course. This is an ongoing tribute project from the Starflyer 59 fan community all over the world.

Here’s how it works:
A cover track is submitted here. It’s not an automated service: the submission is checked by the admin.  Once validated, the track gets processed for release. We manually create and upload to YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram, and other social networks. We index the release in a post on this website, providing additional information on the performer. A single release happens once per week. (Free, of course.)

When we have an album’s worth of released singles:
We bundle and package a digital album. (Free release, of course.) This only happens on May 9th. Why? It’s worldwide 5/9 day! Cover art and album title is decided by the community, the songs are bundled and once again featured!

That’s it!

Previously, the SF59 fan community has already released two cover albums: 2008 – “Translations”, and 2016 – “Always Play Covers” (Double Album). These covers will also be made available here on our website, as well as shared on our social media accounts.

Keep in mind: Social media has selective feeds. Not all new posts will be shown in your feed. Our focus therefor is on keeping this site as the source and central news point.

This site will always be free, ad-free, and a fun community of people who love Starflyer 59.

I’m very excited for this ongoing project and welcome any dedicated help. I can always use a hand with social media posts, graphic design, or video editing, and new ideas are welcome. Starting this project out is just me so far, Denis Bazhinov. (contact me) As you have noticed this site is under the soulavant.com domain: SOUL | AVANT is my idea of turning what’s on your heart and soul, into art and music. And that’s what I want to build and encourage. Not only do I want to list and showcase SF59 covers, I want to build a community of encouraged indie artists, musicians, producers, visual artists, painters and creators to list and showcase their best work, as well. Soul Avant dot com will showcase SF59 covers as well as give people the opportunity to have their original songs featured, and establish a centralized music listening, collaborative, free, creative community.

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