“All My Fans Who Plays Guitar” – 2018 Compilation Double-Album

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Tracks from Side A:

1. Roadkeeper – I Win


2. The Majestic High – Trucker’s Son

The Majestic High : A dream-pop studio project of Seoul-based commercial music director Andi Roselund and wife Nakyung “Cindi” Kim, combining jangley guitars with loads of modulated delay and reverb, tucked in with dense vocals and lush orchestral arrangements. Significant influences include Pale Saints, Moose, Mew, A-ha, Tears for Fears, and The Smiths. A full length release is expected to be completed in late 2018. https://soundcloud.com/themajestichigh

3. Seaside Holiday – Monterey

Seaside Holiday is a dream pop/dark wave band from Widowville, Ohio. Starflyer was an early influence, often found emanating from the basement stairs during the teenage years.

4. SOUL | AVANT – A Lists Go On

I was 17 when I first heard Starflyer 59 with their newest album “My Island”. Shortly followed the nights of “The Zenith” looping in my head at the dinner table, strumming “Duel Overhead Cam” on my nails during sunday services, and ultimately falling in love at 22. Starflyer 59’s music is the soundtrack of our lives. This is the reason for this ongoing SF59 Covers project – promoting others’ covers of SF59 songs in a tribute to Jason Martin and the Starflyer 59 band. Thank you!

I’ve had a slow music start. I drove a lot, sang through every song, came a time that I was in a traffic jam and I came to ask, “Is this my life?” Maybe so. Married, kids, job to keep afloat, alwhile passion for music remains. This cover is a taste of my future original work, a mix of styles majorly between Кино, M83, and Starflyer 59. Jason Martin has been the greatest role-model in independent music production, M83 has shown me the magic of cinematic electronic music, while Цой of Кино is my heart and soul of writing music to make a change in the world, and brilliant acoustic rock guitar influence.

New music in production. 2016 album “Observe”:
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3Y7n9YLQwfR2STQ2U6k1mS
Website: soulavant.com/observe

5. The Original Spacefan – Droned

This one is dedicated to Adam.

6. FYR FYTR – Your Company

I was probably 8 years old when I first heard Starflyer 59…maybe younger. All I know is that I was hooked. From that point on, every song and album I was introduced to over the years became a part of my own narrative, and had a unique place in my own story. Years would go by, and I would hear something on a compilation that struck me to the core. No surprise, it would always be Starflyer 59. As a music lover, I adored the tones, the mood and the straight forward, confessional narrative in Jason’s writing that made the songs feel so approachable for me. In my opinion, Starflyer 59 is music for the everyman.

When I moved to Portland in 2005, someone gave me a signed, sealed vinyl copy of LEAVE HERE A STRANGER. I put it up on a shelf and it was the first thing I saw whenever I walked into a room. I just admired it with no idea what was written in the wax. It was two years before I had a turntable to play it on. I will never forget the first moment of releasing the needle into the groove. I was greeted by the sound of another record playing as “All My Friends Who Play Guitar” began to ring out. It was like a world within a world. I’ve been going back to that world ever since.

Now I’m introducing my son to the world of Starflyer 59. Call me sentimental, but I consider it part of his musical heritage.

Chris “Grizz” Miller

7. Whispers and Fuzz – We’re the Ordinary

Probably best known as 1/2 of the Fireland Ablaze

8. A Cricket’s Chorus – All My Friends Who Play Guitar

facebook: facebook.com/acricketschorus
spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4pVGDQ1GKWFvaOeGfP9ZeE

9. Kyla McAlmont – I Had A Song For The Ages (Karaoke Remix)

10. inkblack – Destiny

I can’t sing, but I love SF59.

Tracks from Side B:

1. Jet Hot – No New Kinda Story

Punk rock music from the western hills of North Carolina. The bass player and drummer met at christian book store trying to recommend SF59 to each other…20 years later, we still have the same passion. Guitars: Jeremiah Blevins, Bass/Vocals: Preston Hensley, Drums: Ryan Morris.

2. Pterodactylus – E.P. Nights

One man band trying to release his inner grunge. All music & vocals: Ryan Morris

3. Ambir – I Love You Like The Little Bird

Ambir is a surf/indie rock group from eastern South Dakota, influenced by the the waves of their state, the amber waves of grain.

4. TimstroMental – Leigh and Me

TimTown is a Los Angeles based, avant-garde artist who expresses himself through various forms of media.
TimstroMental music: https://soundcloud.com/timstromental
TimTown site: http://timtown.co/

5. The Summer Dolls – I Was 17

The Summer Dolls from Nashville TN create timeless pop sounds re-calibrated through a delectably modern lens. Baby doll angelic vocals float over churning 21st century noise pop, and Fender guitars sunbathe in an endless summer of reverb.

Starflyer 59 is one of our favorite bands and an early / constant / essential influence. “Silver” perked up our ears, “Gold” bared our soul, and “Americana” gave us swagger. “The Fashion Focus” and “Everybody Makes Mistakes” were the vital soundtracks of many a late night drive full of emotions too deep to process or express. “Leave Here a Stranger” showed us a modern pop masterpiece while “Old” showed us a modern rock masterpiece. “Portuguese Blues” was a delightful throwback, the strings on “Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice” melted our hearts, and the bass guitar on “My Island” got us on our feet. And on. And on.

Bandcamp: thesummerdolls.bandcamp.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6lq3ECX2o3Si3xVWJvshUp

6. SrJr – When No One Calls


7. Owen in the Treehouse – Samson

8. Joey Levenson – The Hearttaker

Performed by Joey Levenson, additional bass played by Andi Roselund.
“I have been a fan since the day Silver came out. I bought the only copy in the store, and the gargantuan opening riff of Blue Collar Love slayed me, and still thrills me to this day. I had to try to record something to show my love for the awesomeness that is Mr. Martin and this vehicle of noise.”

Joey Levenson was a founding member of SPC ECO, a British rock band featuring Dean Garcia of 90’s shoegaze legends CURVE. Produced in part by Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails), the debut album 3-D was sold in 30+ countries around the world, and featured in various soundtracks and TV Shows.

9. Dim Glimpse – Coconut Trees

10. A Cricket’s Chorus – A Dethroned King

A Dethroned King is one of Martin’s songs that grabbed my spirit the first time I heard it over 15 years ago. I’ve always wanted to record my version of it. So here it is.
facebook: facebook.com/acricketschorus
spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4pVGDQ1GKWFvaOeGfP9ZeE

11. Jason Sims – Softness Goodness (Instrumental)

From Alabama
Starflyer is one of my all time favorite bands
Been listening to them and going to there shows since 94 …this is an instrumental

(Bonus) Beautiful Hat – Brightest of the Head

Beautiful Hat is from Auburn, Alabama. It is a side project of philosophy professor and poet, Kelly Dean Jolley. Discovered SF59 on *Chuck*. Website: kellydeanjolley.com
A few Beautiful Hat originals are available on Soundcloud.

Album Art Credits:

“Old – Reimagined”
Created by Daniel Griffith of Roadkeeper
Photo by Alessio Lin (http://linalessio.co)

A Tribute To Starflyer 59
Created by Denis Bazhinov of SOUL | AVANT
Photo by Dean Rose (https://unsplash.com/@dnroze)

Alternative cover
Created by Daniel Griffith of Roadkeeper
Photo by Alessio Lin (http://linalessio.co)

Alternative cover
Created by Eric Smith of A Cricket’s Chorus

Bonus promotional vinyl graphic
Created by Denis Bazhinov of SOUL | AVANT

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