“Always Play Covers” – 2016 Compilation Double-Album

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Side A:

  1. The Worthless Idols – The Hearttaker
  2. Okay Lindon – The Frontman
  3. Cantalouper – Red Tide
  4. Together On Two – We’re the Ordinary
  5. Tsunderes – Taxi
  6. SOUL | AVANT – Night Music
  7. Frowd – Do You Ever Feel That Way
  8. Glassfield – Hazel Would
  9. The Blue Grooves – 20 Dollar Bills
  10. Adios Cometa – You’re Mean
  11. Together On Two – First Heart Attack
  12. Lucian Bowden – The Lucky Ones
  13. Future Is Magnetic – Softness Goodness (Bonus Track)

Side B:

  1. Laserblade – Softness Goodness
  2. JrSr – One Shot Juanita
  3. Once More Around – Unbelievers
  4. Two Bear Moon – Leigh and Me/Starflyer 2000 Reprise
  5. Unfortunate Gentlemen – Something Evil
  6. Ben Ricketts – Fell in Love at 22
  7. Luke Fire – Messed Up Over You (Luke Fire’s Dig Transistor Remix)
  8. JrSr – You Think You’re Radical
  9. Conversing With Owls – Father John
  10. Dude Won’t Die – Lose My Mind
  11. Matt Nichols – No New Kinda Story (Version)

(This album was released before this site: If your song is above, please – Fill out the “Submit a cover!” form with information on your cover! We will be posting these songs individually on this site and social media and would love to include more information and/or media! [mp3/flac is not needed, of course.] You still own full rights to your cover even though it’s already been released for years – so if for example you don’t want it on social media, just let us know in the form.)

Thank you Starflyer 59! Cheers from all of us to you.