SMF Forum: Reset Admin Password Manually (phpMyAdmin – MySQL)

So you need to reset the administrator password on your SimpleMachines Forum. Does this work?
Login > Forgot your password? > Type your Email/Username > Send

No? No problem. Open up your webhost cPanel.

Search for phpMyAdmin and open it.
Expand the database your forum is using, locate and click on smf_members . You may need to go to page 2 to find it.
Locate the admin’s member_name and press on Edit.
Find passwd, remove the encoded password in the right box and type in a new password.
Scroll down to password_salt and delete the value on the right.
Scroll down to the bottom and make sure Save is selected. Hit Go.

Once you log in, it’ll ask you to login again. Make sure to change your password after you’re in to avoid any trouble.


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