Fan community “Earthsuit Legacy” is back online!

Who’s legacy?

The 90’s music group “Earthsuit“, formed in 1995 as a Christian Rock band reached it’s limit in 2003 when they disbanded from the “Christian” genre. Out of the Art Rock genre, a band named “MACROSICK” was formed, a projector-visual art-rock music experience led by Adam LaClave. Meanwhile Paul Meany while performing with MACROSICK, began mixing his own music under the MATH name, which became “MUTEMATH” or “Mutemath”. MuteMath’s first EP and LP featured some songs previously written by Earthsuit. While Mutemath took off, Macrosick’s record deal fell through and Adam LaClave re-emerged with an indie glampop project with Earthsuit’s bass player Bface and drummer Hutch called “Club Of The Sons“. Adam would also make music under the name Charlie Blacksmoke.

Where’s the band now?

Mutemath lost members leaving Paul Meany on his own. Meanwhile Adam LaClave continues to dwell on the indie scene producing music for friends.

So what’s this fan community?

For 11 years after Earthsuit disbanded a fan community called “Earthsuit Legacy” still kept the legacy together on an online forum, sharing news and rarities among those who love the music. After clearing with the artists themselves, we came up with an archive of music that is no longer available for purchase anywhere, or was given away for free at one point.

Free music downloads?

Freely shared content has been cleared by the respected bands for fan sharing. All archived content is legal, free of copyrights, belonging to the respected bands and shared only with permission. Again, this music is no longer available for purchase anywhere, or was given away for free at one point. Links provided for purchasable music!

Link me yo!

The New Open Forum! board is open to new threads and to keep in touch, or maybe get back in touch with the forum members of years past. Cheers, suitcases!

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2 thoughts on “Fan community “Earthsuit Legacy” is back online!”

  1. I was happy to come across this just now. I’ve loved Earthsuit since I discovered them when Kaleidoscope Superior came out. Miss them. Been watching videos on YouTube. Thanks for the Joy Earthsuit. I wish you all the best.

  2. This is AMAZING. Huge Earthsuit fan back in the day. Never too active on the legacy forum but I loved to lurk and share in the memories. Just got all the music back I had lost over the years and am so thankful to have the Macrosick music again. I would gather there wouldn’t be much activity these days especially with Mutemath having come to an end as well. So many memories, my wife and I had our first real date at an Earthsuit show. Four kids and 20 years later and still enjoying this music. Hope everybody is well, just wish there was a download for the Flevo Festival show, still can’t find it.

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