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« on: 11/29/19, 09:12 PM »
Where can I find earthsuit's concerts? I'm desperate to get them as I have all albums and bonus songs but you know the feeling when something is missing xD. I searched on this forum and I did not found any active links... and I have a torrent with 5gb of earthsuit material but with no seeders... Please let me know if someone can provide me the live portion of earthsuit, It'll be awesome! Thank you very much!

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Re: Hey!!
« Reply #1 on: 12/01/19, 11:50 AM »
Yeah that's been dead for a while probably. Many years back I ended up going thru the concert recordings and holding on to only 7 tracks from them total, the more interesting alternative versions of the songs and discarding the typical or bad quality live versions. It's only 7 tracks, but at least it's something:

Also the "complete" Outro Medley track:
This was originally the last track on the Rise Of Modern Simulation which is actually a live track but it was missing the intro as it just fades in - this "complete" version includes the intro of the live recording and blends with the fade for a "complete" release of the track.

It's not much, but it's something I hope.