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New Open Forum! / Re: Hello Everyone
« on: 03/18/20, 04:28 AM »
Uncle Pete!!!! ;D Missed you buddy. Let's keep in touch somewhere, I haven't seen you around after I killed my facebook. I still have my music account on Instagram (soulavant), but pretty much just use Wire, text, or email.

And yes EnthusiastSource is my portal for domains I don't have a reason to pay for anymore! :) Cheers

New Open Forum! / Re: Hello Everyone
« on: 12/01/19, 11:56 AM »
Hey youthgroupfreek!

I don't think I was around then, but hello! I joined this suitcase home around when ClubOfTheSons just started I think.. Anyway, so much has changed since then, and it's crazy that you and others still find this place after it all!

If you haven't already, check out this track of Meany's! It totally brought me back to the Earthsuit roots, especially that same instrument that was used in One Time. Love it so much!

Personally, I'm a dad now of 2, a workaholic now, and facing health concerns (yay me), hope to hear from more suitcases!

New Open Forum! / Re: Hey!!
« on: 12/01/19, 11:50 AM »
Yeah that's been dead for a while probably. Many years back I ended up going thru the concert recordings and holding on to only 7 tracks from them total, the more interesting alternative versions of the songs and discarding the typical or bad quality live versions. It's only 7 tracks, but at least it's something:

Also the "complete" Outro Medley track:
This was originally the last track on the Rise Of Modern Simulation which is actually a live track but it was missing the intro as it just fades in - this "complete" version includes the intro of the live recording and blends with the fade for a "complete" release of the track.

It's not much, but it's something I hope.


New Open Forum! / Updated the Archives
« on: 07/06/19, 08:58 AM »
I updated the archive links, looks like there's quite a few images that were hosted elsewhere and expired. But if there's other links somewhere that I missed, let me know and I'll update.

I also updated the forum theme and made it mobile-friendly. ;)


Open Forum / Re: It's been a good run
« on: 06/23/19, 08:55 AM »
...5 years later!

Bringing back the site in archive form because we had a lot of good times and threads and all, including the Archives of music, artwork, and video from the bands. Enjoy!  :)

Open Forum / It's been a good run
« on: 07/12/14, 07:19 AM »
The times and memories as well as our group friendship was good.
Farewell everyone.

CLUB OF THE SONS / Re: Club Of The Sons [Archive]
« on: 07/05/14, 09:35 PM »
They were never released.

Honestly, and this may be far, but I hear similar influence in this song:

"Listen. Listen to the words."

And Earthsuit kinda started off with the idea of Adam and Paul exchanging parts with Adam doing soul back vocal. Just kinda interesting. :)

Music Discovery / Re: Coldplay - Midnight
« on: 02/26/14, 06:41 AM »
Well they really changed over these years.. Reminds me of Gorillaz.

What would you guys say sounds Adam LaClave-esque??

Especially interested in any gospel/soul like Desert Dreams and Whitehorse.
Also, something Don't Buy Me A Wolf and Up To The Fake Moon?

Music / Re: Darren remixes Hillsong United
« on: 02/21/14, 07:18 AM »

Music Discovery / Re: Efterklang
« on: 02/04/14, 09:07 AM »

Well, of course, no band can really sound like Earthsuit.. Just tiny things, that we discover in other bands, we can share here. :)

Band / Re: PLASTIC PLANETS (Roy's Side Project)
« on: 12/18/13, 05:41 AM »
Sounds like Odd Soul album


I'm pretty much given up. Adam resurrected his twitter account promoting Beyonce's new album. That's the update of the year.
Or is it 2 years?

These spambots are really attacking the forum in different ways, ugh I don't know how long this community will stand.
I'm about ready to cut support. It was a good legacy, but there's not a whole lot left.

Ugh that makes me upset, Josher. I can understand creative lag or plans changing due to circumstances,
but then there's just leaving ties hanging........ maybe I looked up at Adam with the wrong approach and expectation. :\

Michael Tait came back to lead Newsboys
Kevin Max came back to lead Audio Adrenaline
Adam LaClave should come back to lead who?

Music Discovery / Re: MOONJUICE
« on: 11/12/13, 05:06 AM »
Hey slinky was there ever a release of the planned EP recorded by Adam LaClave??

Music / old Without It demo with Adam?
« on: 11/06/13, 10:55 AM »
Hey guys did we ever have a good better quality version of the old "Without It" demo with Adam LaClave on second verse?

What's the closest music you've heard to earthsuit or any of the associated acts?
Let's get some similarities and favorites going.

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