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New Open Forum! / Re: Hello Everyone
« on: 02/21/20, 02:52 AM »
Hi! I was looking through some of my old Youtube videos of Club of the Sons and I thought about this forum. I google Earthsuit Legacy and found this page: Is this your website Greeny? If so, thanks for having that up to find!

I kinda think I remember someone named youthgroufreak here. It's all been so long, though! Not sure if you knew me, but I'm glad to hear that you are well! I hope Greeny remembers me, though!

I, too, joined this forum when I was young and full of zeal and passion like many teenage Christians. I was also super ready to debate anyone who dared crossed my path with ideas that I KNEW to be wrong! Oh, those were the days. The anxiety filled, awkward, embarrassing, and cringe inducing days lol. I'm nearing 30 now, married, still on the internet nearly as much as I used to be, so that hasn't changed much (it's part my job, though, so I have an excuse now!). I work in social media marketing, live out in Colorado, and my wife and I are trying for a kid. Things are pretty good. They can always be better, but no point in dwelling on that.

Hope everyone else is doing well! This forum was a such a huge part of my life at one point, so I'm thankful I'm able to read through this stuff again!

EARTHSUIT / Re: Fav song per project
« on: 05/20/10, 07:58 AM »
Earthsuit: Sky Flashings
Macrosick: Jerkweed Inspector
Mute Math: Stall Out
Club of the Sons: Shop Rules

Close to Rob's, but not quite.

CLUB OF THE SONS / Re: i had a dream...
« on: 05/14/10, 03:26 AM »
Not until I see Adam dressed furry. lol
Well, not that part.

CLUB OF THE SONS / Re: i had a dream...
« on: 05/13/10, 10:10 PM »

CLUB OF THE SONS / Re: i had a dream...
« on: 05/13/10, 06:51 PM »

Music / Re: MuteMath (Mute Math/MUTEMATH) - Work of Art
« on: 04/30/10, 09:57 PM »
It'd be great if I had this...I posted the email earlier, but its also in my profile.

Music / Re: MuteMath (Mute Math/MUTEMATH) - Work of Art
« on: 04/28/10, 07:30 PM »
uncle_pete at live dot com plzzz

CLUB OF THE SONS / Re: i had a dream...
« on: 04/20/10, 05:14 PM »

Band / Re: This is strange..
« on: 04/02/10, 04:18 AM »
It says I'm African-American  :o
you aren't?

Music / Re: Haiti Benefit Concert and Video of New Song
« on: 03/21/10, 02:35 AM »
praise the Lord
woah, don't push your beliefs on me!

Music / Re: Haiti Benefit Concert and Video of New Song
« on: 03/09/10, 11:04 PM »
Am I the only one here who actually like owl city?

If so, I accept it, and please dont put me down for it lol

Open Forum / Re: Woot!
« on: 02/22/10, 04:34 AM »
Well despite the time i spend here, i dont post much.

guess im not too opinionated

Open Forum / Woot!
« on: 02/21/10, 09:53 PM »
Its official, i have the least amount of a life on these forums.

(most time online)

Live / Re: MUYOMATSU!!!!!
« on: 02/13/10, 09:43 PM »
I guess I wonder if bands that don't have enough skills to be get 'in the pocket' without a click track ought to be asking for people to pay to see them perform...
Thats pretty harsh.

Especially since our boys here use a click track

It's gotta be the art. :P

Speaking of which, how come bface doesn't paint for Club of the Sons? That would be kinda cool..
well! Um...

Open Forum / Re: Opinions on some groups.
« on: 01/29/10, 08:45 PM »
switchfoot is ok. but the
weird..i said the same thing in my head

Open Forum / Re: FANATIKA
« on: 01/19/10, 01:02 AM »
Hey thanks a lot man  ;D

As of right now, this is no planned follow-up this, but I think that'll change ;)

And i there will be, I think we will take more time on it.

But thanks again man, I love hearing feedback...especially good feedback lol.

Open Forum / FANATIKA
« on: 01/18/10, 03:09 AM »
So a good friend of mine (who happens to be someone who used to frequent these forums, a looong time ago) and I decided to record an album in one night. And the resulting music can be heard at

Most of it is pretty raw, so hardly any effects were layered on afterward. Also, most of it was recorded in one take on one track.

So listen if you want...the album is free to download.

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