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New Open Forum! / Updated the Archives
« on: 07/06/19, 08:58 AM »
I updated the archive links, looks like there's quite a few images that were hosted elsewhere and expired. But if there's other links somewhere that I missed, let me know and I'll update.

I also updated the forum theme and made it mobile-friendly. ;)


Open Forum / It's been a good run
« on: 07/12/14, 07:19 AM »
The times and memories as well as our group friendship was good.
Farewell everyone.

Michael Tait came back to lead Newsboys
Kevin Max came back to lead Audio Adrenaline
Adam LaClave should come back to lead who?

Music / old Without It demo with Adam?
« on: 11/06/13, 10:55 AM »
Hey guys did we ever have a good better quality version of the old "Without It" demo with Adam LaClave on second verse?

What's the closest music you've heard to earthsuit or any of the associated acts?
Let's get some similarities and favorites going.

« on: 08/01/13, 07:18 AM »
So in light of us lately getting, well, nothing..

Joke time!

By the time Adam is happy with the shininess of a release, it's already a remix.

Q: What does Bono, Lady Gaga, and Adam LaClave all have in common?
A: Nothing - Adam has yet to find himself, again.

CHARLIE BLACKSMOKE / How do you pronounce LaClave?
« on: 05/16/13, 10:30 PM »


CHARLIE BLACKSMOKE / Clubofthesons oldies/images
« on: 10/13/12, 10:38 AM »
Yo yo came across that one painting of those things back from the cots days. Thought I'd share, anyone got anything to share from before?

EARTHSUIT / Earthsuit Chords/Tabs?
« on: 11/07/11, 05:40 AM »
Has anyone ever written out the chords/tabs for any Earthsuit songs?

I'd love any.. :) I'd even do a cover for youtube.

Macrosick too.. actually, especially!

Music Discovery / MOONJUICE
« on: 07/06/11, 08:52 AM »



Hey 'suits 'n' 'cases, interesting band from Tacoma WA. They're fans of Charlie Blacksmoke and the 'Club.
"Somehow" is a pretty catchy song.. Rumor is, they've got some great news coming. Pretty interesting to see fans getting serious with their music.. :)

« on: 06/15/11, 10:55 PM »

Mr LaClave says "....u def. wanna be there."

CHARLIE BLACKSMOKE / become Charlie Blacksmoke
« on: 11/22/10, 07:58 PM »
New post from Adam:


I’m on the edge of new things (SpaceFarm/Club Of The Sons/Charlie Blacksmoke and the Swamp Energy Mass Choir) for the new year and I am looking for a fellow risk taker/energy planner to help be an extra set of hands in the building of these new things.

Basically I am looking for one person to work alongside me in an internship position and help in certain very day to day activities.  There will be organizational/administrative duties as well as well as possible creative opportunities.   Some knowledge of/experience in graphic design, social networking, accounting, and business will all be considered as assets in your favor.   

The position will start as an internship like I said…but at the moment that a full time decision and payment arrangement is made…you must be willing to relocate to wherever I am living at the time (which I will discuss with you before anything begins).    So you would be able to do the first part of this job from where you live.

If you’re interested…I’ll want to see something in the form of a video introduction where you tell me about yourself and why you would be a good person for this position.  You can film it on anything from an HD video camera to a cell phone as long as I can hear and see you clearly.  Please email your video to along with all of your contact info.  I’ll take it from there and will watch and respond to every submission. 

thank you and lets get down to it.


« on: 10/11/10, 09:48 AM »

So, for those of you that read my first blog post entitled “Charlie Blacksmoke and The Binary Cosmic Deadline” I’d like to apologize.  Yes, it was an honest expression of how I was feeling at the moment and I made real decisions in reaction to my experiences so far, BUT….I am not ready to throw in any towel.  I don’t think I would even really know how.  I mean, this stuff is in my blood.   I’m only really at home when on stage and that is the ultimate goal for me now.  I have been taking some time away in Memphis to reflect as I have done in the past…and it has been a great yet strange time.  I am learning new things and taking in new inspirations, seeing a lot of live shows…doing whatever I can to fill up my tank again.  So I will try and make you part of the process as I go forward in this…but for now I’d like to let you know a couple of things. 

I will be putting together and releasing a new Club Of The Sons record as soon as it comes together.  I have a ton of ideas that are really exciting and the new direction is taking all of the pop elements of Young Quanta and blowing them up three times the size.  Its going to be my most personally subversive pop work yet…and definitely the happiest sounding shit you may ever heard from me or will ever hear me do.  I have gone back and forth sooo many times about releasing some demos of the new stuff for you to hear…but right now I am against it.  I want you to hear this new batch the way that it is intended to be heard….and the demos are really mainly for me and the band.  I know that may disappoint some of you that were looking for new material.   In the meantime though…I will also be working on a new live-based side project that I’m super excited about as well. 

Its going to be called “Charlie Blacksmoke and The Swamp Energy Mass Choir” and all that I’ll tell you right now is that its going to include 3 drummers (one of which will be Hutch from Club Of The Sons).  There was such a nice response to the Jive Test One project that I posted a video from that I have decided to make a live project that would work as a channel for some of that vocal approach as well as other elements that are going to kill live.  I will let you know as soon as I have more definite info on this, but like I said…its mainly a live-based project so I’m looking to be doing shows with this before the year is up. 

Keep checking in here for more posts soon and hopefully even a new episode of “The Positive Honeybeam Show!”



October 11th, 2010

EARTHSUIT / First song you heard?
« on: 10/06/10, 11:37 AM »
What's the very first Earthsuit song you heard?

Mine was definitely Whitehorse from the WoW 2001 compilation. :P

MACROSICK / Name origin?
« on: 09/13/10, 08:17 AM »
I can't believe this was never asked..

Why MACROSICK? Where is it from? What does it mean?!

« on: 09/09/10, 07:26 AM »
Charlie Blacksmoke: I just got a royalty check for one of my songs being used on Next Top Model Japan...huh??/jigga what?

WE MUST FIND IT  0_0 !!!

Band / Vocals
« on: 09/08/10, 12:52 PM »
Has anyone else wondered if MM ever considered having someone else sing for a song or two? Maybe Greg?

CLUB OF THE SONS / Club Of The Sons [Archive]
« on: 09/04/10, 08:30 AM »
All archived content is legal, free of copyrights, belonging to the respected bands. Freely shared content has been cleared by the respected bands for fan sharing.

Studio Releases:

Young Quanta (EP) - 2009

1. Prologue (Quanta's Theme) (3:46) - 3D Video YouTube: Pr3DtpMjS6E
2. Triggers While You Sleep (3:25)
3. People Are Just (3:53)
4. Streetwork (4:01)
5. How To Develop A Magic Word (2:02)
6. Taste For Blood (4:30)
7. Don't Buy Me A Wolf No More (3:18)
8. Extinction In Our Eyes (3:54)
9. Hollywood Animal (4:10)

The Roughs (EP) - 2006

1. People Are Just (3:58)
2. Triggers While You Sleep (3:28)
3. Shop Rules (4:41)
4. Street Work (4:03)
5. Hollywood Animal (4:35)
6. Extinction In Our Eyes (3:56)

untitled demo cd - 2005

3. STREETWORK (4:02)
4. DUST TO LIFE (3:49)
5. SHOP RULES (4:39)
(grayed-out = same as The Roughs)

Bootleg Live Albums:

Audio | Flyer
Young Quanta Release Show - 2009

1. Prologue (Quanta's Theme)
2. Triggers While You Sleep
3. People Adjust (People Are Just remix) (3:41) - 3D Video YouTube: 1ZtM0VY2_TY
4. Streetwork (4:00) - 3D Video YouTube: xOfBRp_76ls
5. How To Develop A Magic Word
6. Taste For Blood (3:53) - 3D Video YouTube: 9lcG49T1rfg
7. Don't Buy Me A Wolf No More (4:30) - 3D Video YouTube: tkomHZF6HUc
8. Up To The Fake Moon (4:15) - 3D Video YouTube: Bj1tAk1XoBI
9. Happy Birthday (Stevie Wonder cover)
10. Extinction In Our Eyes (3:52) - 3D Video YouTube: 4ESdyBsfr4U
11. Hollywood Animal (4:23) - 3D Video YouTube: e2dS4mwHOFc
(grayed-out = Unavailable)


Early Young Quanta album art:

Sticker scan (green one, there was also at least 1 more color): (Came with physical cd: The Roughs)

Live show poster art:

Fan-blend of The Roughs sticker with Young Quanta for the fan-edit "Ultimate Quanta" listening experience (Young Quanta audio mixed towards one side of the mix and The Roughs version mixed towards the other ear):

Other Video:

Charlie Blacksmoke's Positive Honeybeam Show: Episode 1


Open Forum / Tom Waits fans?
« on: 08/28/10, 10:16 AM »
Suggest me an album.

I like what I hear, especially the concepts, but he's got too many albums to choose from.

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