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Title: Hello Everyone
Post by: ladyneely on 11/14/19, 04:34 AM
You probably don't remember me. I'm a blast from the past (2003~). I think my username on here was youthgroupfreek. I was the little 12 year old sister to thegsusfreek (whose ghost sometimes haunts these hallowed halls). He recently sent me the video (below) and it was so good - so nostalgic of old Mutemath that I loved so much that I got to thinking of all my old friends on here. I can't believe I haven't been on here in this long!
My maiden name is Stephanie Baxter and I was the obnoxious feisty one always looking for a theological debate to pick (I remember one 15 page thread on the trinity) and was the very sheltered homeschool pastor's kid who didn't know the difference between sarcasm and reality. Sigh. Those were pre-Myspace days when I had no life and would spam the threads like any bored annoying 12 year old (I sincerely apologize for you having to put up with my prepubescent tirades).

Anyway, I'm 28 now and I have since married, acquired 4 cats (Yes, I'm one of those) and moved to Raleigh, NC where I own my own professional organizing business. I'm drastically less sheltered and probably the most sarcastic person I know ("oh how the turn tables...") and miss the good ole Earthsuit days. Wanted to come back and say hello to all my old friends! I see the forum has kind of died down. But if anyone sees this drop by and say hi and give me an update on your lives! Where is everyone now? Have you gotten any grey hairs? kids? dogs? what's your plans for Christmas?

-Stephanie Neely
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: AvantGreen on 12/01/19, 11:56 AM
Hey youthgroupfreek!

I don't think I was around then, but hello! I joined this suitcase home around when ClubOfTheSons just started I think.. Anyway, so much has changed since then, and it's crazy that you and others still find this place after it all!

If you haven't already, check out this track of Meany's! It totally brought me back to the Earthsuit roots, especially that same instrument that was used in One Time. Love it so much!

Personally, I'm a dad now of 2, a workaholic now, and facing health concerns (yay me), hope to hear from more suitcases!
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: Uncle Pete on 02/21/20, 02:52 AM
Hi! I was looking through some of my old Youtube videos of Club of the Sons and I thought about this forum. I google Earthsuit Legacy and found this page: Is this your website Greeny? If so, thanks for having that up to find!

I kinda think I remember someone named youthgroufreak here. It's all been so long, though! Not sure if you knew me, but I'm glad to hear that you are well! I hope Greeny remembers me, though!

I, too, joined this forum when I was young and full of zeal and passion like many teenage Christians. I was also super ready to debate anyone who dared crossed my path with ideas that I KNEW to be wrong! Oh, those were the days. The anxiety filled, awkward, embarrassing, and cringe inducing days lol. I'm nearing 30 now, married, still on the internet nearly as much as I used to be, so that hasn't changed much (it's part my job, though, so I have an excuse now!). I work in social media marketing, live out in Colorado, and my wife and I are trying for a kid. Things are pretty good. They can always be better, but no point in dwelling on that.

Hope everyone else is doing well! This forum was a such a huge part of my life at one point, so I'm thankful I'm able to read through this stuff again!
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: AvantGreen on 03/18/20, 04:28 AM
Uncle Pete!!!! ;D Missed you buddy. Let's keep in touch somewhere, I haven't seen you around after I killed my facebook. I still have my music account on Instagram (soulavant), but pretty much just use Wire, text, or email.

And yes EnthusiastSource is my portal for domains I don't have a reason to pay for anymore! :) Cheers
Title: Re: Hello Everyone
Post by: MuteMike on 05/19/20, 06:01 PM
What's up everyone? I wasn't super active here but I lurked all the time back in the day. Glad the forums are back.

Anyway I still love Jesus...I wish I could delete some of my posts on *other* archived forums, though, ha :)